Presentations at the Shanghai Conservatory of Music and Shanghai University School of Music

I had the opportunity to give aDean Wang Yong talk introducing Music Information Retrieval (MIR) to very interested audiences at the Shanghai Conservatory of Music and the School of Music at Shanghai University. It was a great pleasure to meet faculty and students at these great institutions. Looking forward to being back to Shanghai soon!group picture at the conservatory

Go Orcas!

I am honored that my audio analysis matlab code has been used in this study by Abramson et al. [1] featured, for instance, by the New York Times and NPR.

[1] J. Z. Abramson, M. V. Hernández-Lloreda, L. García, F. Colmenares, F. Aboitiz, and J. Call, “Imitation of novel conspecific and human speech sounds in the killer whale (Orcinus orca),” Proc. R. Soc. B, vol. 285, no. 1871, p. 20172171, Jan. 2018.

Teaching & Learning Audio Content Analysis – Videos, Slides, Code, Book

I am happy to now have a complete set of teaching materials for my class on Audio Content Analysis and Music Information Retrieval publicly available. The online resources, also accessible through the book website, include video modules, accompanying slides with latex sources, and Matlab code for all figures, as well as linked book chapters. I plan to update the website soon with quiz questions and exercises linked to the video modules.

Tutorial at the AES Conference for Semantic Audio

I teamed up with Stefan Weinzierl to give a tutorial session on Music Performance Analysis at the AES Conference on Semantic Audio in Erlangen, Germany. It was a great little conference with two papers from my Music Informatics Group (on guitar solo detection and music performance assessment). I also had a chance to chair a paper session.